LynnIf you are going to read this site I thought you might like to know a little about me and why I decided to put up this blog. Well first off my name is Lynn, I am 38 years old I live in rural Western NY, I have been married now for 18 years and we have a 14 year old son and a 2 year old daughter.

I am not a stay at home mom but my husband is 🙂 Actually he is an ex-professional athlete and following that he owned his own gym where he worked as a personal trainer. Two years before we had our Daughter he was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that has left him disabled in many ways.

I originally set out to write this blog so I could share my personal experience with a colon cleanse product called Digest It! I wanted to do this because I was tired of buying products based on reviews sponsored by the actual companies that manufactured the product because most of them were worthless. After I designed this spectacular looking site (ha ha) my husband talked me into making it an open forum type site where anyone could submit a review about a particular product.

He has clients he still writes diets for so he is going to let them know about this and if you would like to submit a review PLEASE contact me. I want all reviews good or BAD. I want to turn this site into a place that people can come to for some honest information. Any reviews that are submitted will have a picture of the actual product so people will now exactly what product is being reviewed. I will do my best to add informative articles but I am open to all suggestions.

I built this blog because I was fed up with all the lousy products on the market and even worse yet all the FAKE testimonials sponsored by the companies selling the products.

This site is open to anyone who would like to submit a review of any health supplement product that they have actually used. Again I would like all the good reviews and all the bad reviews. My whole intention is to help others from getting ripped off and scammed like I have been on so many occasions.

Thank You All!
Lynn – ACAI Berry Cleanse Reviews

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